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I’ve been drawing and painting for over 20 years, starting self-taught from a young age and academically educated at NSCAD University as well through continuous learning online, workshops, and visiting museums. I use professional grade materials combined with my experience across many different subject matter and styles to create lively and elegant commissioned works. My previous art commissions include animal and people portraits, book illustration, album art, artwork movie props, character design and landscapes so I have plenty of experience working with clients. Throughout a project, I am great at communicating and being available for any questions, progress pics, and deliver work in a timely manner. With your permission, I will probably work on your art commission on my stream so you might even be able to even sit back and watch.

US and Canada shipping is fully insured with tracking. Applicable taxes for Canadians not included, US & EU pay no tax. Watercolor illustrations include a simple background. Pencil sketches do not include a background because they look better with a clean white.

Portraits of People

Face or Bust Portraits Samples

Pet Portraits & Animal Portraits

Animal portraits of dog, cat, horse, bird, reptiles, and fish! Samples:

Contact me for larger sizes or other mediums.

Travel Art, Neighborhood Art or House Portrait

Painting of your home, your garden, your neighborhood, or other buildings. Capture a special memory from your travels or a special place!

Contact me for larger sizes or other mediums.


Add-on options for your art commissions:

Terms and Disclaimers

  • The above pricing is for private commissions. All commercial commissions, especially requiring copyright transfer or licensing, need to be discussed separately. Artist retains copyright and you may not reproduce my work.
  • 50% of the total for the art commission must be paid upfront to start the project. Artwork under $250USD must be paid in full upfront. The remainder will be due upon finish before delivery. No artwork will be sent out without full payment.
  • No refunds are accepted after the project is started, unless the project is cancelled by the artist. The artist retains the right to refuse to work with a client.
  • Artist is not responsible for uninsured, untracked packages that are damaged or lost.
  • All portraits require well-lit, clear photographs. Please try take your photos in natural light and all flash photography will be rejected as reference material.
  • Artist will send a sketch and progress pics of the piece throughout the process because the permanent nature of watercolor painting makes revisions near impossible without starting over. I strongly prefer critiques and changes be made at each stage of the project rather than questioned at the end when I can no longer make changes. Unreasonable requests at the end of the project will not be made.
  • All deadlines such as Christmas, birthdays, weddings, or any other reason must be clearly stated or artist is not responsible for meeting said deadlines. Minimum expected work time is 3 days + shipping time for small projects, unless we agree on urgent delivery.
  • Subject matter I do not do: newborns, babies covered in food, goofy caricatures, nudity in children of any kind, fursonas, portraits of cars (because I’m very bad at it), logos, book layouts, obscure fanart (fanart must provide references as if it were a photo commission), superheros. If you would like to discussion a different project, please contact me.
  • By placing a order and paying the 50% deposit, the client agrees to these terms.

Quick FAQ

Where can I order an oil painting? For now, please contact me. I have not standardized my prices for oil yet partly because of studio space & because oil paintings dry very slow / are harder to ship.

Do you accept fantasy art / sci-fi illustrations or music album art? Yes and I love doing them! Since these are so specific and extremely custom and/or include licensing, they must be price individually. Please contact me.

Do you accept collabs? Technically no, but if you’re really keen on working with me than you must submit a project treatment with a portfolio and how you see the project work being divided. It’s flattering and I appreciate it, however I only take very serious requests for collabs.

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