Cyborg Oil Painting Art Prints – Extra Large Prints of Cyborg Medical Horror Art

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“Make It Work”, an oil painting.

Robotic and cyborg sci-fi art in small to extra large wall art sizes. A hint of dark future dystopia, enjoy the metallic bionics and cybernetics.🌎 Art from Canada to your home, worldwide.🚚Free shipping to Canada & US.


“Make It Work” is an oil painting created with the Flemish painting technique. It is based on Greek statue forms and touches on themes of life and death, being broken and being repaired, and the utility of the male body. Goes well with utility decor or brutalism architecture. This artwork is sold in square art format because it displays best due to its proportions.

Karolina is a science-fiction enthusiast and always took inspiration from sci-fi films and books. As a bionic woman 🦿, Karolina enjoys exploring the subject of how will technology transform our relationship with our human body and human existence? Will we turn ourselves into robots? Will be endure grueling surgery for body augmentation? Will it be worth it or mostly regrettable? 🤖 Karolina explores these ideas in transhumanism art under the art series More Human Than Human. The art series also reflects on her experience with disability and chronic illness.


  • Ship worldwide from Canada and local printers on your continent.
  • Size: Small art prints from 8"x10" up to 36"x48" or 36"x36" for square prints
  • Printed from ultra high resolution 10k scans of artwork
  • Thick paper weight: 192gms, 250gms
  • Giclée printing quality with no pixelation or dots in fade-proof archival ink to last a lifetime.


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Weight0.15 lbs
Dimensions9 × 12 × 1 in
Art Prints (Square)

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