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Hey there, thanks for considering to support me! This is the artKarolina “Patreon” Page. Why not on “Patreon”? Because I have it setup through my website instead of the Patreon platform (or any platform for the matter) so all subscriptions go directly to me with no fees & no platforms censoring what I can & can’t post. If you’re not sure who I am, you can read a bit about me under Who is this artist? and you’re welcome to talk to me directly on social media or in the Twitch stream.

What do you get by becoming an art patron?

Why do you need art patrons?

Historically, the many artists you’ve come to know as the classic masters were able to become masters because they had a small circle of patrons supporting them so they could dedicate themselves 110% to their artistic practice. You can become part of this lifelong journey I embarked on over two decades ago.

I would like to:

  • Give away original art through patrons instead of selling it.
  • Invest myself more into live streaming & creating videos.
  • Maintain the cost of a bigger studio space.
  • Free perks like high res. wallpapers, art requests, having say in what I create.
  • Apply to galleries & exhibitions to grow my artist reputation, which have entry fees.
  • Take bigger risks & experiment, not only make art that sells.

Please read the options below then click the big buttons to pick what length of time you’d like to subscribe for.

Starter patron goal: $150 month. This will cover the minimum of the one piece so I can start giving away art!

Note: If you cancel the subscription before 3 months, it will void your rewards for giveaways. Minimum is 3 months. I would also like to note all my artwork will be valued the same as in my shop, it’s simply the style of payment changes. Alternatively, you can use my payment plans to purchase artwork.

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