Frequently asked questions about purchasing my art, shipping, and my artwork.

Do you ship to the US/Europe/UK, ect?

Yes. Everything is shipped from Canada to your country.

Why is shipping expensive?

I make an effort to limit the shipping costs, however there is only so much that can be done as I am not a massive corporation with a discount courier contract nor my own courier connections like Amazon. Because of the nature of shipping artwork, most artwork must be shipped flat in very thick, rigid packaging. Shipping rates are set by postal services, not by me. To find out more, you can look at the Canada Post website.

My art prints are printed in the US & EU, so they are available at more affordable shipping prices on these continents.

How can I save on shipping?

Buy multiple pieces/prints so they can be packaged together. The shipping price reflects the biggest size of the package, and several pieces can fit into a package because artwork can be stacked.

Do you offer other shipping options? (Express shipping, for example?)

Yes, but you will have to contact me & arrange that. If you are trying to meet a deadline (eg. a wedding or birthday), it is best to let me know and purchase the correct shipping to guarantee your artwork arrives on time. Otherwise, I cannot be responsible for late gifts.

What happens if my original artwork is damaged?

Unless stated, artwork is always shipped insured and packaged in waterproof and rigid packaging. If you artwork is damaged, I can go through the proper channels to get a refund from the shipping company for its value. Please send pictures of the damage.

This does not extend to art prints or greeting cards as they are not insured. If your art print misprinted, please contact me so I can get the printing house to send you a new print.

Can I purchase art on a payment plan?

Yes, I offer a payment plan that lets you split the cost of original art over several months – up to 2 years depending on the piece. The artwork will be shipped once it is paid off. You can read more about that on the payment plan page.

Can I negotiate the price of an original artwork?

Yes, I am more than happy to hear your counter offer. Overall, I am more interested in getting an artwork into the hands of someone that really wants it than penny-pinching, however if you offer something unreasonable, I retain the right the refuse your offer. Please use the enquiry button found on product pages or my contact form to ask.

I would like to order a custom painting, where can I do that?

Please go to this page and fill it out as best you can. I will get back to you as soon as possible. I have some services with set prices (such as pet portraits), but other paintings need to be priced per project. Please also take a moment to look at other original art in my store to get an idea what it might cost. I no longer accept custom art commissions under $100.

How do I take care of my artwork?

There are some basic tips for displaying your art in a way that prevents damage. Art, being made of delicate materials such as canvas and paper, is light, heat, and moisture sensitive. It is best to display it somewhere with the most stable “climate”; that is: minimal temperature fluctuations, no direct sunlight on the painting, no direct air vents, dampness or excessive dryness. Most modern homes can hold stable conditions, however some rooms as worse than others – such as the bathroom, close to a stove in the kitchen, or directly over a heater in a poorly insulated room. For those areas, it’s better to get a print. To prevent light damage, you can get UV-coated glass. If you have to store the artwork outside a frame, please wrap it in acid-free tissue paper or blank newsprint and keep it in a dark, room-temperature area.

Do you want to collaborate?

Unless I know you, you have a very clear project idea in mind, or I asked you myself – probably not. I’m a little jaded about collaborating after too many disappointments with unfinished projects or fights. Maybe I’ll get over it one day, but collabs are closed for now.

Are oil paints better than acrylics or watercolors?

People like to say oil paints are superior to acrylics and watercolors, however due to advances in technology – all of these paints have great longevity, color and quality. Some of them are even made with the same pigment materials. If you like an artwork and know it is made with quality materials (as all my art is), then you should not worry about this as it’s becoming a myth. I paint with different mediums based on my preference or the needs of the client. Oil takes a very long time to dry & is generally more expensive because of time & materials.

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