First Days of Spring

Montreal didn’t have a very intense winter this year. Worked out great for me because of my surgery – I would’ve had a really hard time walking if there was 2 feet of snow, ice, and the same kind of -36C weather from a winter or two ago. I’m still traumatized by that. Most people are saying, “Huh, unusually warm / that was a short winter”. I guess! I mean, having arctic weather every year isn’t exactly normal in terms of the rest of the planet. Thanks Nature. It’s nice spring is already starting.

On one of the better days to crop up, Justin and I escaped our apartment and I finally did some urban sketching. I think it’s been a year. Just like the act of taking photos, it is a great way to really form a memory and experience around what you’re doing.

Here’s my drawing. I used a Micron Brush Pen. Not sure if I’m a fan – it’s too thick for smaller drawings, but it does make a nice rough, painterly line on a bigger slice.

guess downtown montreal watercolour drawing
7.5″x9″. Watercolour and ink brush pen on 140lbs watercolour rag paper. Drawn on-location in downtown Montreal. ~2016

I’ve also been working on a new acrylic painting – again, I have not painted in probably a year or more. With the amount of pain my old hip was causing me, I had to stop painting at the easel. I just couldn’t sit at that angle for an extended period of time, and standing was out of the question. Obviously, not a on-location sketch – but it is based off of photos I took from inside an airplane on the way to visit family.

For those in Montreal, I’m briefly announcing I will be part of the a pop-up group exhibition in the Mile End. Please mark it on your calendar! I’ll write more about it later.

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