Happy New Year

[su_note note_color=”#64a88c” text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”5″]Note: These are archived blog posts from my old website. Many have been edited out because the content was removed from my portfolio, or not available on other websites anymore. The breaks in time do not represent the posting schedule.[/su_note]


I hope everyone is taking a moment to reflect on their 2014. I know I’ve accomplished a lot this year, and I am very proud of myself. Everything from starting up our business, finishing so many comics, working in television, writing major proposals, attending the Montreal Comic Con twice… it’s hard to say I did nothing. Oh yeah, I forgot – I learned a new language. Well, almost – still working on that one.


What do you aim for next year? Aside from all the typical things we wish for (ie. lose Christmas fat), I am aiming to make twice as much doing my creative work and pushing closer towards having a full-time creative career. This is ultimately my dream. I also have to get a hip replacement, so getting back in shape is going to be on the list. I’ll be looking for new projects for the new year – preferably desk work like illustration, comics, video editing, colour grading, even editing your writing. It doesn’t mean we can’t do shooting, but it’s probably going to be done by my partner or a hired crew. Here’s a new comic I just finished. As we finish up on a very materialistic holiday (hey, I’m not pretending I don’t like presents), we have to consider how some came to be.


I also added some more art that I forgot to post. This is kind of a big deal: it’s a recreation of an old painting I did when I started painting. You can say it was my first ever painting with acrylics. Merch for this painting.

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