Last of 2013 Life Drawing

[su_note note_color=”#64a88c” text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”5″]Note: These are archived blog posts from my old website. Many have been edited out because the content was removed from my portfolio, or not available on other websites anymore. The breaks in time do not represent the posting schedule.[/su_note]


figure drawing portrait
9″x12″ ink & watercolour, figure drawing, 2013.


I have been very busy studying French and working on setting up our new creative start-up, Stereokroma Creative Services. Please have a look at our show reel – that ate up some time too. 😉 To say the least, I fallen a bit behind on updating my site while still producing lots of artwork. Hmm, what to do with all this art? I would really like to selling my new life drawings and any old artwork (like pre-2009). My old artwork needs a good home and it is not really useful in my portfolio for me — I need to be showing recent work. I am not selling my figure drawings for much either – most of them are $35 at most. Feel free to use my contact page to get a hold of me for any purchases.


pirates figure drawing watercolour
9″x12″. Watercolour & Sharpie marker. ~2013


These drawings were kind of exhaustive. Sometimes it is problematic that Syn Studio life drawing sessions have models with too many props or too much/too complex clothing on for relatively short poses. I should perhaps try a simpler medium for this kind of work.

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