Biphobia Comic

Narrative is non-existent and is based on flow of consciousness writing about biphobia. Watercolour and ink, 9×13.5″ page layout on rag paper. ~2014Exhibitions: I AM NSCAD Group Exhibition, Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax – 2015Featured in Sass #1: PRINTED COMIC | DIGITAL COPY

Montreal Fall Wind

9″x12″. Watercolour & ink on 140lbs watercolour paper. Image originally used for Montreal World Film Festival Poster Contest. ~2014 | BUY THE ARTWORK

Repainted Ballerina in Spotlight

22″x28″. Acrylic on stretched canvas, no frame, with mounting wire. Ballerina based on photo references and based an idea from my very first commissioned painting of a ballerina. Surface is speckled, copper paint is used for a shine at different angles. ~2014 | BUY THE ARTWORK

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