Veronica and Juan the Hobbits

16″x20″. Watercolor on 140lbs Fabriano watercolor rag paper. Portrait of a couple, Veronica & Juan, who are Hobbit fans.

Guess at Saint Catherine Street

7.5″x9″. SOLD. Watercolor and ink brush pen on 140lbs watercolor rag paper. En plein air painting in downtown Montreal. ~2016 | PRINTS | ORIGINAL SOLD.

Inktober Pepper

9″x5.5″. Ink on bristol paper. Suggestive cross-section of a yellow banana pepper drawn during Inktober.~2016

Bruce and Izzi

SOLD. 16″x20″ watercolor portrait of Bruce & Izzi, two dogs, on 140lbs Frabiano rag paper. ~2016

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