The Bay Urban Sketch

9″x12″, watercolor on 140lb watercolor paper. En plein air painting of The Bay store from across the street in a park full of street vendors in downtown Montreal, Quebec, Canada. ~2016 | PRINTS | BUY THE ARTWORK


9″x5.5″. Watercolor on 140lbs watercolor paper. Fanart for Pokemon Go – Articuno for Team Mystic. ~2016 | PRINT | BUY THE ARTWORK

Welding in the Fantastic Sea

SOLD. 24″x18″, watercolour on Arches 300lb watercolor paper. ~2016 A diver welds repairs onto a rig, which is covered by coral, sponges, starfish, and crabs. Colourful fish swim around him cascading air bubbles through the water. The ocean is deep with darkness, but full of vitality and life. The piece is based on photographic references of real organisms, however the composition is entirely fictional fantasy.

The Reach

11″x15″. Watercolor on 140lbs watercolor paper. A variety of hands of different gender and age, grasping and reaching, as some suggest, for life force from the blood running through the scene. The finger tips on some hands are frost bitten. The colours for the skin tone are taken from the bi flag, but the background is complementary and revitalizing. The artwork is signed in the corner with pencil.~2016

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