SOLD. 24″x18″, watercolour on Arches 300lb watercolor paper. ~2016 A diver welds repairs onto a rig, which is covered by coral, sponges, starfish, and crabs. Colourful fish swim around him cascading air bubbles through the water. The ocean is deep with darkness, but full of vitality and life. The piece is based on photographic references of real organisms, however the composition is entirely fictional fantasy.


18″x16″ watercolor painting of two toads sitting on Fly Agaric mushrooms on the forest floor. Lineart done with acrylgauche. Based on references from the Reptile Expo in Montreal taken by the artist and found images. ~2021

Inktober Cyborgs No. 013 – Ash

5″x5″ ink drawing on hand-torn bristol paper, part of the Inktober Cyborgs book made for Inktober 2019. What is the world like if a cyborg needs to smoke to escape? For the Inktober prompt “Ash”.

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