Announcement: New Art Print Pricing

I would like to announce my art prints now have new lower pricing and a new printing house handling orders. More importantly, I now offering printing in North America and Europe – most standard size art prints from small to large are printed in Europe & shipped at a much lower cost! Below, I’ll share a few older artworks to entice you. Sometimes, I forget myself how much art I’ve created…

Over the winter, I came to terms with something I was unhappy about: I wanted to deliver you high-quality prints, but the prices I was stuck with were offensively high. I was well aware of this. People don’t have money trees and it was getting in the way of my mission to cure more Blank Walls. This meant sampling different options and comparing to what I previously offered, and I am happy to say I found a middleground that is affordable and high-quality. What this also meant was I had to redo a huge section of my website, which was very laborious.

watercolor of westmount greenhouse by karolina szablewska montreal art prints
Watercolor print of Westmount Greenhouse. This painting has sold and is only available as an art print.

Because of my new pricing, I’m also able to offer you insanely huge art prints! I have always scanned my original art to the highest resolution I can achieving with my hardware. I use a special photo-merging and retouching process that creates humongous print files that are sharp and clean. Did you know part of my job is color correction? This is one of my specialized skills. It’s actually a couple hours of work every time, but ever since one of my drawings got ruined in a roof flood…I don’t regret the time spent on it each time. It doesn’t hurt to have files I can print wall size. Yes, wall size.

So now, if you browse through my art print section you will see new pricing. I am still in the process of switching all the listings over, so if there’s something you want to refresh your home during spring cleaning redecorating still showing an old price – just contact me and I will do it ASAP. Prints up to a certain size (see the listing description) will be sent directly to the print house and then sent to you – it doesn’t matter if I am on vacation or sick, you will get your prints!

PS – I’m not quite done adding these and making a pretty page for them, but I did make all the Inktober Cyborg ink drawings available as square canvas prints. I think this is a really cool format for them. It’s a very minimalist look with the black & white square aesthetic. Check them out in this section.

What do you think? Would you want more canvas prints? I don’t have samples of these prints, but I did sample a canvas print to make sure it’s up to my high standards and I was very impressed! Nice thick canvas, great printing detail and vivid colors.

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Announcement: New Art Print Pricing by Karolina Szablewska

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