New Artwork, New Store! (Self Portrait in Pastel + Character Drawing)

[su_note note_color=”#64a88c” text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”5″]Note: These are archived blog posts from my old website. Many have been edited out because the content was removed from my portfolio, or not available on other websites anymore. The breaks in time do not represent the posting schedule.[/su_note]


So maybe some of you have seen my old online stores… I’ve been looking for a good online solution for some 5 years now. I finally bit the bullet and plunged into making my own store by hand with Woocommerce and WordPress. It was pretty confusing at first, but I figured it out and I am extremely happy with the result. I’ve also changed my pricing structure to the square-inch method of calculating art prices. It is now very easy to buy my original artwork – no need to email me, phone me to inquiry about it and the prices are consistent and right in front of your eyes. As I’m not represented by any gallery, 100% of the profit goes to me and back into my art.


Here is my new store – check it out! Lots of artwork on-sale, even up to 70% off. I am trying to make space in my portfolio (considering it’s all stored in my tiny apartment) for new artwork. It also makes me sad to have all this artwork locked away and not looked at. I’m sad I can’t hang it all on my walls…not quite rich enough to frame every single piece. I really would like it all to have a good home. Please, if you can’t buy anything, at least share my store for me so someone else might. Make sure to check out my page about why you would want to buy art.


Now, business end aside… I have new artwork added to my gallery. One is a brand new larger watercolour – as it’s explicit…you can find it under the explicit category in my gallery.


Another artwork I missed mentioning was my submission for Self Portrait Day this November 1st…you may have seen me mention it on social media.


pastel self portrait karolina szablewska
Draw on Self Portrait Day. 9″x12″. Pastel on Fabriano pastel paper. ~2015


Here is another artwork – very small pencil drawing of one of my original characters I’ve had for as long as I’ve been creating art. When I was a kid, I was way more obsessed with dragons… the back of my bedroom door was covered in dragon print-outs, and I had a collection of dragons on my computer that I think had some 3000 images. Naturally, I wanted to make a character that was half human and half dragon. I drew this for fun, but I guess it goes with a short story I am writing…I may or may not ever finish it or show it to anyone.


New Artwork, New Store! (Self Portrait in Pastel + Character Drawing) by Karolina Szablewska
7″x10″. Pencil on paper. An image of one of my original characters, Kazren, sitting injured against an mystical, old oak. ~2015

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