New Painting of Montreal

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Here is my latest new watercolour. It’s an image based on a photo I took of Montreal just as spring was around the corner while I was dropping my last watercolour off for the exhibition. It’s quite rare to go up on Mont Royal and look through the trees while they bare no leaves; it was somewhat jarring. The blueness of the shadowy trees in contrast to basically my last painting, as I saw it in my head in that moment, was my inspiration for this image. This was a difficult painting: colours couldn’t overlap, twisting shapes, detailed buildings to pencil, hours of penciling, mistakes with colour choices. However, I really felt like I was working through this painting the way I used to several years back, which I think is part of what gave me older art more energy, mystery, and freshness. I don’t know, what do you think?


montreal from mont royal watercolour painting
Partner image to Montreal from Mont Royal during Sunset. Watercolour on watercolour paper. 12″x17.5″. ~2015
Featured in “Emboss Magazine – Vibrance Issue 2”.

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