Mixed Media Original Art of Okapi with Embroidery / Watercolor Painting / Pastel / Animal Art / African Safari Wildlife

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11″x15″. Mixed media original art: watercolor, dry pastel, embroidery. Okapi, a type of giraffe. ~2018

Art prints.

Each piece of original art comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Karolina Szablewska. Worldwide shipping. 


11″x15″. Mixed media original art painting in watercolor, dry pastel with embroidery elements. Okapi are a type of giraffe that lives in the forests of Congo and mostly eats bushes and low tree foliage. Okapi have a similar pattern to zebras but are not related. This artwork was created in 2018.

Nothing bugs me more than seeing blank walls when I visit a home or office! Whether an oil painting, watercolor painting, mixed media artwork or a charcoal drawing, original art is an opportunity to express yourself on your walls. Original art can be a travel souvenir of a vacation, a reminder of a special moment in your life, or a personal spiritual symbol that grounds you. Your favourite place, your favourite animal, or your favourite color - it's up to you. A one of a kind piece adds mood and atmosphere to your home with rich color and texture, and adds sophistication by showing off your great taste.

Why buy original art over an art print?

Whether watercolor, ink, acrylic, oil paint, pencil, pastel - every piece is made with archival quality acid-free materials designed to last hundreds of years.

Unlike many purchases we make, original art is a financial investment. It is an investment in the meaningful objects you keep in your home. Original art will always be more valuable than a print and increase in value with the artist's reputation. It is made by the artist's hands, unlike a printed copy. It can be resold to other art collectors or at art auctions.

Why buy my art?

I, Karolina Szablewska, make a commitment to build my reputation as an artist and make sure your art is valuable past my life time. My life is dedicated to creating art and building my art practice. I started creating art when I was a kid, but then went on to get my BFA. I have been practicing art for nearly 2 decades and every year I apply to art exhibitions, to art grants, and special commission projects. I am a full-time artist and every purchase supports my art practice. To learn more about me, read who is this artist?

Art is Handmade

In the world of mass-production, I would like to remind that all original art is handmade, therefore every piece is unique. It's one of a kind and I will not be able to simply send you a new one if it breaks! Original art does age because many art supplies are made with both synthetic and natural materials. It is very important to take care of original art - keep it away from moisture, direct sunlight, or direct heat as well huge temperature fluctuations. Ideally, please frame your original art and definitely do not fold it up to store it.

Art Shipping

All original art ships worldwide with Canada Post.

Every piece of original art is shipped in strong, rigid packaging to protect the piece inside. Whether shipped flat or in a tube, all artwork is sealed from moisture and collision. Original art shipping to US & Canada is always insured for loss & damage, and international orders have clearly labelled options at checkout. Please note: there are no customs fees for artwork sold from Canada to the US. Please contact me for shipping of super large artworks because they require special shipping.

Refunds & Exchanges

Original art can be returned or traded for a different piece within 60 days at the expense of the art collector in the same or similarly secure packaging; original art returned without shipping insurance and lost or damaged will not be refunded - please insure your returns! I will be asking for the shipping receipt and will not accept any damage.

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