Other Places to Buy

What other places can I buy your art & art prints?

These are other sites with my artwork for sale in different forms – prints, clothes, stickers, and other cool stuff! Thanks to ultra high resolution scanning, I can make products & absolutely huge art prints. I get a small commission fee for the use of my artwork. If you’d like to avoid giving a corporate money, you can always buy directly from me on this website. Please post an image of what you bought with #artkarolina on social media so I can see what you got 🙂

Please forward all customer service concerns to the respective companies – I cannot help you with orders made on third-party sites.

This might also be a better choice for you if you live in the EU or Asia & expensive shipping is a problem.

My Etsy Shop

This is for those of you who love Etsy. All art prints I offer are fulfilled in a print shop in the US & Europe, so no need to ship across the ocean if you’re in Europe! I also offer knitting pattern PDFs I designed and watercolor digital paper and stock images made from high-resolution crops of my paintings for graphic designers.

trees and grass watercolor digital papers, watercolor texture
Watercolor digital papers
Other Places to Buy by Karolina Szablewska
Canvas art prints & posters fulfilled in the US & Europe

Society 6

Society 6 sells art on virtually anything you can imagine, even furniture, tents, and folded chairs. I can vouch for the quality of their art prints! They are on par to what I offer myself and look incredible. Ship to US, Canada, Australia, & International.

society 6 art products by artkarolina


This is a store that supports the funding of our web series on the Stereokroma TV channel. I design some of the merch. found here. Posters, stickers, hoodies, shirts, ect.

Other Places to Buy by Karolina Szablewska

Fine Art America

If this is a site you like to order from, I have a small shop set up for art prints on Fine Art America. If there is something you’d like to see in this store that is not available, please let me know. They offer framed prints!

underwater seascape ocean extra large art print framed by karolina szablewska fine art america
The original art of this image is not for sale, but you can get a framed print!
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