Whimsical Watercolor Pet Portraits by Karolina Szablewska

Custom Pet Portraits of Your Dog, Cat, or Any Animal!

Pet Portraits in Watercolor

watercolor pet portrait 16x20
16″x20″ watercolor portrait of Bruce & Izzi, two dogs, on 140lbs Frabiano rag paper. ~2016

Pet portraits are the best way to honor the life and relationship with your best friend or the animal friend of someone you love. Whether you have a new puppy, you want a pet memorial of your special cat who recently passed away, or you want to impress a your girl with a thoughtful gift, they are a great choice for art that’s both personal, inspiring, and sophisticated. They really add a vibrant, colorful center piece to your living room wall art or as a personal piece of office wall art in the very serious corporate environment. I offer a different style from the typical realistic portraits – a whimsical pet portrait in watercolor!

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Order a Series

The two pet portraits seen here are from the same pet family, painted years apart when a new dog joined the bunch.

Why Karolina?

Unique Whimsical Art Style

I know there’s many pet portrait artists out there, but many of them also paint in a very similar realistic style. I’m offering something different that I think is more fun!


I am painting with years of experience in observational painting, colour theory, perspective, and composition. When I work on pet portraits, I am not just tracing photographs; I am interpreting the images, your pet’s personality, and adding my own artistic merit to each image. 

Quality Materials & Shipping

My watercolours are painted on high quality watercolour papers with high quality paints; they are flattened after painting and shipped flat to avoid any warping or damage. The portraits are not framed. They ship with an artist certificate and care instructions from from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Pet Portrait in Whimsical Watercolor - Order Yours Today by Karolina Szablewska

Pick the Size of Your Custom Pet Portrait

eska watercolour pet portrait dog painting
isla watercolor pet portrait cat portrait
misu watercolor pet portrait dog portrait

These 3 pet portraits are a series painted in 3 different years of all the family pets. Planning a series of pet portraits ahead of time means the artist can design the aesthetic of the portraits as a whole. You can order them one at a time or all together and have a lovely triptych of your animal family!

Pet Portrait Painting Time Lapses – Playlist

pet portrait cat painting
Watercolor on 140lbs watercolor paper. 9″x12″. SOLD ~2015

Painting Pet Portraits from Photos

Ideally, I would like photos of your pet from all angles with natural lighting, but I will work with what I can get. Unlike some other artists, I don’t need a photo to be exact because I do not trace photos and can alter the image. This means I can also add things like angel wings, their favourite toy, or a different background.

Write about your pet: what makes them special? What are their quirks? Are they generally bubbly and happy, or more pensive and moody? Do you have color preferences for backgrounds?

Where to send your photos

Please email them as attachments or as links to: kasza.art (AT) gmail (DOT) com after placing your order.

pet portrait cat painting
Watercolor on 140lbs watercolor rag paper. 9″x12″. SOLD ~2015

Shipping & Delivery Time

Shipping is worldwide as regular parcel or express. All pet portraits are shipped in secure packaging via Canada Post with tracking from Montreal. Standard shipping times for Canada Post and your local delivery services apply. Local pickup is possible.

Most portraits are completed in a week, requiring more time if they are bigger. If you have a special deadline, such as a birthday, please take that into account as well let me know so I can prioritize your pet portrait. I retain the right to refund an order if I deem the deadline unreasonable.

The latest Christmas orders for Canada & the US are accepted is December 10th, and November 25th for Europe. After those dates, I cannot guarantee delivery for Christmas. You can still order and add express shipping after those dates, but I cannot be held accountable if it arrives late.

Payment and Terms

Acceptable payment methods are Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Square, e-Interac Transfer. To use e-Interact, please send the amount to the email above and an email with the security Q/A.

All pet portraits must be paid in full before starting project and definitely will not be delivered with an outstanding balance.

Please provide your full contact information for invoicing and shipping.

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pet portrait cat watercolor painting
Watercolor on 140lbs watercolor rag paper. 9″x12″. SOLD ~2016
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