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Shipping is available worldwide, within the limitations per country. Some countries will not accept 1m+ long packages, for example. In the case of prints, I will try fulfill your order within your country if I can’t ship you a print. I retain the right to refund your order if I cannot fulfill it.

Please see the shipping options at checkout.

All original art is sent with tracking, unless tracking is not available for your country or you selected no tracking.

Original art shipped without purchasing shipping insurance at checkout will not be refunded or replaced for damage or loss. Shipping with no insurance is at your own risk. I know many people are turned off by the cost of shipping, but shipping a piece of art with proper insurance is critical to protecting your investment. As art is one of a kind, it is a huge loss for both of us when it is damaged or lost in shipping.

Customer is responsible for any customs fees. There are usually no customs fees for original paintings nor prints.

Why did I get “no shipping available”?

Shipping artwork is a complex process. Some art requires a specialized shipping quote for your location. If this is not the case, it is a website error & I highly appreciate it if you contact me for help!

Returns & Refunds

Prints & Greeting Cards

You have 24 hours to cancel an order for a full refund in case of order error. Refunds & returns only accepted on damaged or misprinted prints. No refunds or returns otherwise accepted on prints or cards.

Original Art

You can receive a refund on original artwork if it is returned in the original packaging and completely undamaged and returned within 45 days. Hey, sometimes we change our mind and that’s okay! With choosing a permanent artwork for your home, I want you to be happy with your choice. However, original art is one of a kind so absolutely zero damage is acceptable since it can’t be refurbished or replaced. I strongly advise returning it with insured shipping if you are concerned about not receiving a refund, so that you can claim any damage during shipping at your postal service.

Please note photos of the damage will be required.

Afterpay Pay-Later Service

Afterpay is payment processor which allows you to split the cost of your purchases into multiple payments. The items you purchased ship after the 1st payment is made.

Afterpay is interest-free and will not affect your credit score, but may charge late fees if you miss your payments. It is also not a loan. To use Afterpay, you must make an account. There is a limit on new accounts and you must build merit in their system by paying off your purchases to unlock larger allowances. You can learn more on their website.

To refund a purchase with Afterpay, please contact me. My store policy for refunds applies. Refunds will be reflected in your payments on Afterpay.

Privacy of Your Information

Your billing information is collected as by Canadian law for proper invoicing and receipts. It is also collected in order to properly ship your order. Your banking information is protected by the Payment Gateway (Paypal, Stripe, Afterpay), and never visible to me. As I do use online advertising, the info you entered into social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, ect. may interact with my advertisements, such as your name or gender, however it is anonymized & again not visible. Your personal info is never sold to a third-party by my business. All information stored on this website, namely addresses, is protected by firewalls on the website, the server, and the cloud server.

Note: The information you input into this website vs. my Etsy is the same. One website is not magically more private than the other as the same information is needed to process your order. Etsy does use your information for advertising, market research, and development of their algorithms.


How do I get a shipping estimate?

You must enter your address into the checkout form for shipping to be calculated. At minimum, you need to put in your ZIP/Postal Code for the estimate to generate.

I ordered a print and it didn’t come from where I expected. Where are your prints made?

To make prints as affordable as possible, I have prints made per order at print houses around the world. I assure that the prints are made to my quality standards.

Are your prints framed? Where do I buy frames?

They are not currently framed. I think it’s best you frame your own print so you have control over the aesthetic. The price of shipping fully constructed frames is also very, very expensive. You can buy frames at most art stores, home decor stores or have a custom frame made. I also recommend looking on Etsy. I prefer to frame my art with a large white matte & keep frames simple: black, silver, gold, white, grey, or wood.

Can I get a painting of…?

Yes, probably. Check out my art commission page for some standardized projects I offer or contact me for a quote on something more custom. Please note: I no longer accept any custom commissions under $100.

How do I take care of my artwork?

There are some basic tips for displaying your art in a way that prevents damage. Art, being made of delicate materials such as canvas and paper, is light, heat, and moisture sensitive. It is best to display it somewhere with the most stable “climate”; that is: minimal temperature fluctuations, no direct sunlight on the painting, no direct air vents, dampness or excessive dryness.

Most modern homes can hold stable conditions, however some rooms as worse than others – such as the bathroom, close to a stove in the kitchen, too close to a window, or directly over a heater in a poorly insulated room. For those areas, it’s better to get a print.

To prevent light damage, you can get UV-coated glass as an option when framing.

If you have to store the artwork outside a frame, please wrap it in acid-free tissue paper or blank newsprint and keep it in a dark, room-temperature area.

Is your work in a gallery?

Currently, no. I have stopped actively seeking gallery representation. I do small festival events and exhibitions.

I want an oil painting! I heard watercolors are less valuable.

People like to say oil paints are superior to acrylics and watercolors, however due to advances in technology – all of these paints have great longevity, color and quality. Some of them are even made with the same pigment materials. If you like an artwork and know it is made with quality materials (as all my art is), then you should not worry about this as it’s a myth. I paint with different mediums based on my preference or the needs of the client. Oil takes a very long time to dry & is generally more expensive because of time & materials.

Do you want to collab?

Unless I know you, you have a very clear project idea in mind, or I asked you myself – probably not. I’m a little jaded about collaborating after too many disappointments with unfinished projects or fights. If you’re seriously interested, please contact me with plenty of information, a plan for your project and a portfolio. That’s what I would do if I were serious about collaborating with another artist. Much of the requests I receive really fall under art commissions with licensing, such as children’s books, comics, album covers, and posters – these are not collabs, these are commissioned projects. I don’t work for free.

I love your work! How come I don’t see it much online?

Thank you! Well, it’s probably because social media sucks and I rather make art than play the social media game. To really keep in touch with me and my work, I suggest joining my newsletter or joining my Patreon.

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