Throwback Thursday

The past few days, I’ve spent a lot of time rescanning and rephotographing some old artwork. Technology has advanced: I can get 3 or 4 times the resolution and greater sharpness than my original photos. Believe it or not, I had the original Canon Rebel DSLR that is the predecessor to the all the fancy Canon DSLRs people obsess over today. Honestly, that old camera still takes better photos than my cellphone…but, my cellphone is far more portable.


The reason I got into this is because I am being interviewed to be featured in Emboss Magazine, which is an art publication that prints on-demand. I answered tonnes of questions and I’m submitting artwork for print. So, here is some old artwork I polished up.


green landscape drawing
24″x18″. Willow charcoal, prisma colour pencil, white watercolour paint on acid free pastel paper. NSCAD Foundation Drawing II Project No. 2 – landscape, where a feature is replaced by popcorn. ~ 2008


The Urban Country piece will be featured in the magazine.


Now, this piece and the pieces below I am looking for a home for. I’m taking bids (reply in comments, send me a message on Facebook, or reply to my newsletter email). Don’t be shy – tell me your best offer. I do not expect to sell these at my current prices, so it’s a chance to get some original art for less.


Throwback Thursday by Karolina Szablewska
16″x6.5″. Watercolour on watercolour paper. ~ 2007


This watercolour is probably the “first” watercolour piece I ever painted. I had no guidance and didn’t have a clue what I was doing – I just did what felt right. The river in the image is the river that runs through Lindsay, Ontario – a river which to this day I do not know the name of. I remember I thought of this image one day while walking past it and it was foggy. Price: Your best offer.


I love this piece. I loved this piece when I made it and loved it ever since. It was just fun, purely experimental, and purely mixed media. It used to mean a lot to me back when I was a teenager. I was heavily experiencing a whole personality shift and sorting out my emotions back then. If I had the funds, I’d keep it and frame it myself, but as it is – it really needs a good home and a good frame.

pastel drawing
Pastels and other mediums, 18″x20″, circa 2007. An unfinished piece. Signed, painted white on back.


Last piece I’d like to show has never been seen before *gasp*. It’s emotional, and I got emotional. When I made it, I made a declaration it was awful and threw it in my portfolio, but Justin has convinced me it is worth showing to the world. Again, your best offer.


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