Upcoming Exhibition: I AM NSCAD Group Expo.

I’m excited to announce one of my comics will be displayed during the I AM NSCAD group exhibition at the Anna Leonowens Gallery in downtown Halifax. The work will be up for sale, and a percentage of the profit goes towards NSCAD scholarships – which I have benefited from myself, as a Harrison-McCain Entry Scholarship recipient. I don’t have official exhibition invitations or anything yet, but you can see a small blurb on the Anna Leonowens website here. Put it in your calendar if you are in Halifax.

biphobia comic watercolour bisexuality
Narrative is non-existent and is based on flow of consciousness writing about biphobia. Watercolour and ink, 9×13.5″ page layout on rag paper. ~2014Exhibitions: I AM NSCAD Group Exhibition, Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax – 2015Featured in Sass #1: PRINTED COMIC | DIGITAL COPY

Also, both of my short fiction films have been just shown at this new little festival. Check out Inclusiv’Arts on Facebook.

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