Watercolor Hands WIP Colour Tests

I started this drawing when I was feeling really sad. Sadly, most of my inspired ideas come when I am in the worst mood. This was an overwhelming image in my imagination of just thousands of hands grasping and reaching for something, failing, and tearing each other apart. Slowly over the course of many hours, I drew all these hands. By then, my mood lightened up and I saw this in a different light. I didn’t use any references for these hands, instead applied what I learned in the rather excellent Drawing Anatomy class at NSCAD. If there’s one class you should take as an artist, that’s it right there.


So now that my mood, impression, and whole idea of what this drawing was meant to be has changed, I am stuck figuring out what colours I want. I am going to finish this piece in watercolour, probably in the new adaption in style I’ve been using in my pet portraits; it’s 18″x12″. Here are my colour pencil tests below, what do you think? (1, 2, 3, 4 – note: the numbers are messed up because I am that numerically challenged…)


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