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[su_note note_color=”#64a88c” text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”5″]Note: These are archived blog posts from my old website. Many have been edited out because the content was removed from my portfolio, or not available on other websites anymore. The breaks in time do not represent the posting schedule.[/su_note]


Hey everybody in Eastern Canada – maybe I’ll be seeing you at the Montreal Comic Con this year? We have a confirmation on our table, we just bought all our printing paper (self-publishing), and I’ll be working hard to pump out as much as I can before September. We’ll be selling original comics, which includes my much overdue sci-fi comic I have been slowly piecing together since 2010. We’ll also been selling 11×17 prints. Here is one:


avatar korra raava watercolour painting
Fanart! 9″x’12”. Watercolour, ink, and gauche on 140lbs watercolour paper. ~2014


Please make sure to check out my Society6 store and Nuvango store for prints and products – currently there is another free shipping promo happening. Also, my blog for work-in-progress updates, which can be found on the side.

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