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karolina szablewska canadian visual artist

Hey, my name is Karolina Szablewska or artKarolina on social media. I’m an emerging Polish-Canadian Visual Artist in Montreal, and I love to do outdoor painting. I create watercolor and oil painting originals from photos, memory, and en plein air painting. I also love science & technology, so I make science-fiction art, medical art, and fantasy art. Painting and drawing fast is my special trick, so naturally I also love life drawing. I have that very special privilege of being creative all the time, and you can find me constantly working on something in my art studio on Instagram or Twitch. You can read more about me here:

Popular Art Prints

Got blank walls? If buying an original painting isn’t your thing, Karolina makes premium quality art prints in a variety of sizes: small to extra large wall art – up to 48″x48″! Art prints for the living room, master bedroom, small art for spaces like bathrooms, narrow hallways, huge powerful art for your office or as a centerpiece for interior design. Pick a subject to get started:

Art Blog

Original Paintings & Art Prints by Karolina Szablewska, Canadian Visual Artist by Karolina Szablewska

The art blog is spot for updates, exhibition event updates, and general musings about art and being an artist and an introvert. Stay up to date by signing up with your email:

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