Crossing Over

Crossing Over


Crossing Over was first conceived in May of 2011; it took 8 months to hit the final draft. The film was approved for production in early 2012, with funding provided by Film Nova Scotia and Telefilm through a scholarship awarded to the selected thesis-level films at NSCAD University. Additionally, funding was raised through crowd-sourcing by Karolina. It was filmed in March of 2012 in Halifax with local actors and a final budget of $3000. This film is one of the first films at NSCAD to utilize the RED camera.


Crossing Over Poster
A poster designed by Karolina for her film, Crossing Over


This film could not have happened without the support of local business and the acting community in Halifax, who donated their time and services. A special thanks goes to: Biscuit General Store, The Bus Stop Theatre, The Flower Shop, and Hennessey Casting.



Crossing Over is a film about Vanessa, a young adult whose life rapidly comes to a collapse with an aimless career, professional failure, and unrequited love. Vanessa finds herself failing at her job and as an actress. She discovers she was deceived when she proposes to a man who she thought loves her, only to find out later he has a wife and is starting a family. Through a new friend, Christine, and through a newly reinvented identity as Ivy, she finds herself entering a new lifestyle unknown to her.




Crossing Over – Online Screener from Karolina Szablewska on Vimeo.

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Special Credits
Director of Photography: Stéphane Sinclair-Fortin, Music: Justin Tomchuk

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