Metallic Taste Episode 1 Limited First Edition Print (Limited)

$ 5.00

First episode of an original series about disease, vampires, and being an outcast in the future. Original writing and illustration by the artist. First edition print comes signed. Usually sold at conventions/art fairs in-person by artist.


Metallic Taste is a story spanning over a series that I plan to slowly write. I consider it a serious side project to everything I am doing, as I always want to write a continuous story and to be constantly drawing but sometimes don’t have ideas that go together. This is a project that develops with time.

I intend to write a sci-fi/fantasy story, as that is my interest. The main character would be considered a shadow type character in literary terms, but still a hero. The main plot will be pushed by the idea that there is a subculture of humans who suffer a disease which makes them resemble vampires, as they need to replenish their blood in order to survive. Like often in real life, they are segregated and pushed to the outskirts of society along with other subcultures, such as GMO humans that have partial animal mutations. I also intend on explore other groups of people from our current time, as this is a huge interest for me just as in filmmaking. The original inspiration is a disease called aplastic anemia and a very real experience with it in my life.

Work-in-Progress and discussion of this comic is on my sketchblog.