Smoulder was made January – April 2011, film over 35 hours in 2 days on a budget of $1000. The film was shot for the Film 2 course at NSCAD University taught by Solomon Nagler. The story is inspired by personal experiences with inherent homophobia, negative parental, social attitudes towards adolescence, and the exploration of sexuality.


Smoulder Poster
Poster created for Smoulder, a film Karolina made at NSCAD.




Smoulder is a film about a teenage girl, Jacquelyn, who has a very controlling, conservative mother and struggles with her sexuality. Jacquelyn uses her friend’s bonfire party to break free of her mother’s control and explore having fun as a teenager and her desire for her best friend, Vivian; but, Jacquelyn’s mother haunts her subconscious and small town mentality oppresses who she really is further. Jacquelyn is a shy, repressed person, while her best friend is popular, mature, and individualistic. The people at the party also overshadow Jacquelyn, and she must build up her confidence. She makes a move on Vivian, reveals her feelings, and crosses a line in their friendship upon which she can’t return from. The film approach is surrealistic.





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    • broadcast in Super Shorts on My Channel (Sky 203) – England, Spain, Portugal

    • Online distribution – available on Amazon | Vimeo | YouTube


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Special Credits

Director of Photography: Stéphane Sinclair-Fortin, Music: Justin Tomchuk

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