Lamentation of Gaia

Oil on 1″ canvas. 36″x24″. An oil painting part of the More Human Than Human series on robot technology, medicine, and the transformation of the body..~2018


9″x12″, commissioned pet portrait. Watercolor on 140lbs watercolor rag paper. SOLD ~2018


9″x12″, commissioned pet portrait. Watercolor on 140lbs watercolor rag paper. SOLD ~2018

Friends on a Rainy Day at Santropol Cafe

9″x12″, watercolor and ink on 140lbs watercolor rag paper. Painting created inside the bustling Santropol Café. Guests flowed in and out, but these two were in a long conversation, staying for a couple hours. This is the corner of the café, with the shady and colourful terasse visible through the windows. Unlike most of my watercolours of this type, this image does not have cropped sides. En plein air painting. ~2018

Boulevard Lasalle on a Humid June Day

9″x12″, watercolour and ink on 140lbs watercolour rag paper. Off the loud, beaten main roads and large institutional buildings, a quiet and quaint street hides with the beautiful, spiralling staircases and balconies typical to Montreal and Verdun. I painted this on location, sitting under a tree on a hill overlooking the corner. It was a humid June day, but the weather was perfect when settled into this spot. En plein air painting. ~2018


9″x12″. Portrait of a Twitch Streamer named Hello. Watercolor and Pigma Micron on 140lbs watercolour rag paper. SOLD. ~2018

Ginko Cafe, Montreal Feb 2018

7″x10″. Small urban sketch made at the Ginko Cafe in Montreal, interior of cafe. Painted on live stream with Pigma Micron pens and watercolor on paper. ~2018 | PRINTS

Painted Turtle at the Butterfly Conservatory

18″x24″. Watercolor on 140lbs Fabriano watercolor paper. A painted turtle at the Niagara Falls Butterfly Conservatory sitting on decorative driftwood and rocks. Painted from a photo reference taken by the artist. ~2018 | PRINTS

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