017 OCT2019 Ornament

5″x5″ ink drawing on hand-torn bristol paper, part of the Inktober Cyborgs book made for Inktober 2019. A cyborg with an ornate jaw plate for status, street fashion.

Moonlight Flight

16″x16″ animal watercolor painting with acrylgauche lineart. A barn owl flying past a full moon in the night sky. ~2020

Verdun Quebec River

5″x7″, oil painting on canvas paper. En plein air painting of the Verdun waterfront showing bike paths, gentle cloudy skies, and a condo building. ~2019

Atwater Market Flowers

8″x10″ watercolor on wood with watercolor ground. En plein air painting of the flowers gardens at Atwater Market created entirely on-location. ~2019

Todd the Fox

15″x15″ mixed media watercolor painting – ink, watercolor, acrylic on Fabriano paper. ~2020

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