Thank you considering my Patreon! 🖤🖤🖤

It’s a huge step for me to make a Patreon page. I am the kind of artist and the kind of person who will almost never ask for help and suffer through anything I have to on my own. I hold myself fully accountable for my destiny and never expect anything for free. The only way I get my brain to do this is the fact you will be getting art you will hold in your hands directly in return. In truth, I produce so much art I have a hard time finding a home for all of it – so you’re doing me a favour on top of supporting making new art. The support will give me a good safety net and some peace.

I’d like to expand on what to expect and what not to expect from me on here, and what I’m excited about.

What to expect:

  • Regular artwork – I have been making art very consistently for years every month. I’m a workaholic. No need to worry if I’m a flake.
  • Blogs – I love to write about different things, although mostly on my website (locked & unlocked content).
  • Getting Original Art – You get the chance to be picked for the posted piece of art with your patron points & get real art in your home. It’s up to you if you wanna participate. If you’re in love with any piece & afraid of it being snatched, you can always buy it from my store directly.
  • Bigger projects – I always wanted to host a solo exhibition, edit videos, work on a book, make weirder art. These things are always overshadowed by costs (time is a resource), so I have to stay focused on work that makes money, not always what I want to do. 
  • A relationship with me – Ask me questions, hangout in discord.
  • Artist references – One of the things locked on my site is a library of art reference photos I plan to keep growing in the future. I also like to help artists improve their work through feedback or resources, such as watercolor texture packs.
  • More fun tier options – I am really really restraining myself from instantly making so many stickers…

What not to expect:

I really really will not be an art teacher. I’m being upfront because I hear of patrons subbing & instantly unsubbing when they realize that is not what an artist offers. Sorry, if I wanted to be a teacher, I could have started a YouTube for that or gotten a teaching degree and work for a school or made online courses. My focus is my art career. I will not be making art tutorials.

What I look forward to:

Community…seriously. When I started making art, I was so hyped to post it on DeviantArt and chat with everyone, see everyone’s art in return. Then time passed, the internet changed, websites died, social media spread everyone thin… I absolutely hate social media (don’t get me started). There’s nothing worse than spending hours trying to reach your community & have the post shown for a whole 3 seconds or not at all. To have control is so exciting 😈 

Honestly, I also kind of regret being as public as I have been in the past, especially with today’s cancel culture kneejerk world. I have become so afraid of saying the wrong thing or posting art that is too… whatever and offending someone to a point they try harm my image or person. I am also a very private person and it all just feels like too much now.

I would really like to focus my community spaces to this patreon, my discord, and my website instead of fighting with social media or deteriorating platforms (hello, Twitch).

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