Catamaran Cuba

9″x12″ watercolor painting. Catamaran on a resort in Cuba, plein air painting in watercolor and ink ~2020

Wellington Street Verdun Closed for Covid

6″x9″ plein air painting. Watercolor painting and ink drawing created on Wellington Street, Verdun, which closed for COVID to allow more space for pedestrians. ~2020

The Conway Family Garden

9″x18″ watercolor painting and ink drawing based on photos. Illustrative art commission of family garden.

Self Portrait

9″x12″ watercolor painting with acrylgouache. Self-portrait of Karolina based on photo.

Wellington St Verdun 20C

6″x9″ plein air painting in watercolor and purple ink created on Wellington St, Verdun on a 20C November day. ~2020

Canada Geese at Botanical Garden

9″x9″, watercolor painting with ink lines. Observational sketch of Canada Geese in a pond at the Botanical Gardens in Montreal. -2020

Sentier le Scotora during Rain

9″x12″ watercolor painting of a mountain near Scotora Trail in Park Jaceques-Cartier, painted from memory/observation and from photo. ~2020

Yellow Tree Botanical Garden

9″x12″ watercolor on Yupo, varnished with clear acrylic. Plein air painting of a golden yellow tree in a marsh at the Botanical Gardens in Montreal, 2020.

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