Self Portrait

9″x12″ watercolor painting with acrylgouache. Self-portrait of Karolina based on photo.

Wellington St Verdun 20C

6″x9″ plein air painting in watercolor and purple ink created on Wellington St, Verdun on a 20C November day. ~2020

Canada Geese at Botanical Garden

9″x9″, watercolor painting with ink lines. Observational sketch of Canada Geese in a pond at the Botanical Gardens in Montreal. -2020

Sentier le Scotora during Rain

9″x12″ watercolor painting of a mountain near Scotora Trail in Park Jaceques-Cartier, painted from memory/observation and from photo. ~2020

Yellow Tree Botanical Garden

9″x12″ watercolor on Yupo, varnished with clear acrylic. Plein air painting of a golden yellow tree in a marsh at the Botanical Gardens in Montreal, 2020.

Moonlight Flight

16″x16″ animal watercolor painting with acrylgauche lineart. A barn owl flying past a full moon in the night sky. ~2020

Crossing Downtown Toronto

9″x12″ watercolor and ink drawing on watercolor paper, based on a photograph taken by Karolina. ~2020

Todd the Fox

15″x15″ mixed media watercolor painting – ink, watercolor, acrylic on Fabriano paper. ~2020

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