Cedar Moth Beetle

30″x11″. Ink, coffee, prisma colour on Arches watercolour paper. NSCAD Foundation Drawing II Project No. 5 – Invent a beetle, emphasizing volume. (Note: Fake Latin.) ~ 2008 | BUY THE ARTWORK


9″x12″. Oil pastel on hand-made paper from New York. A butterfly found on the sidewalk; its crinkly, faded body is beautiful alongside the stillness. ~ 2007 | PRINTS | GREETING CARDS | BUY THE ARTWORK

The Painting We Painted

11″x14″. Photograph with paper over-top: oil pastels, pens, pencil, and acrylic. ~ 2007 | ORIGINAL IS SOLD.


24″x18″. Oil pastel, acrylic, yarn and string on manilla paper. Representing each of the 3 different people I am. ~ 2007 | BUY THE ARTWORK

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