OIAF 2019 Screening & The Body Electric Exhibit

OIAF 2019 Animation Screening

I have some exciting news! Ever since the start of the U m a m i Animation YouTube channel, I’d be getting more involved in doing something I said I’d “never do” – animating. I worked on some portions of the script & some of the human faces in this animation which will be screening as part of the OIAF 2019 – Ottawa International Animation Festival. This is actually happening the same time as the exhibition below! So if you’re around Ottawa, you should come out to the Canadian Panorama screening 🙂 OIAF 2019 is one of the biggest animation festivals and definitely the biggest in Canada. I will be there some of the days with Justin for the screening and networking.

OIAF 2019 – Ottawa International Animation FestivalSeptember 25-29, 2019

OIAF 2019 Screening & The Body Electric Exhibit by Karolina Szablewska
Psstt… you can watch the video here if you can’t make to OIAF 2019. Thanks for checking it out! Yes, it’s weird.

This animation is actually probably #2 of 3. At least, I envision the last installment of Soup Son and have an idea of what should happen, so this is kind of a mini series. We’ll see. In any case, it’s great to the see the channel come so far in so little time and neither of us really having much animating experience. Fortunately, any drawing & painting skills are easily transferrable, especially that I can draw in other styles if needed.

The Body Electric – Painting at the Exhibition

After a long hiatus of not showing work, I’m going to have one of my paintings showing as a part of The Body Electric exhibit.

This exhibition takes place at two different conferences:

  • Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada’s (RCPSC) upcoming International Conference on Residency Education (ICRE), September 26-28, 2019 in Ottawa, Canada
  • AMS Phoenix Conference, November 5, 2019, in Toronto, Canada.

The Body Electric is an exhibition looking at the relationship between art and medicine. This years theme is about diversity, inclusion/exclusion, disability and ability.

I’ve not formally released this painting…anywhere. Here it is finished! Art prints available here and will be added to Society6 & other platforms later. This painting is part of the More Human Than Human oil painting series I am working on. Some friends asked me to expand on what this painting is about, but I’m finding it hard to write a post…since I feel like with this one – the idea was very clear. To what extent will we alter the body with surgery and technology in the future? When is it too much? Maybe I will do so later in another post since it’s not very fitting to do so here since the theme and thoughts behind this piece are all pretty dark….not to dampen the mood.

Make It Work

make it work oil painting science fiction art transhumanism
30″x36″, oil on 1″ canvas ~2019

I’m very pleased to have this painting exhibited already. It is good preparation for a solo exhibition of the whole series in the future. Unfortunately, my 600sq foot living space is limiting what we can do. It’s already to the brim with paintings and running a business from home takes up a lot of space…so this is why I’ve been focusing on doing landscapes and other small art. 3×3 foot paintings take up tonnes of space! If you take a gander at this new page, you will spot several new watercolor paintings I’ve added recently as I’ve been getting through archiving them on the computer. I’ll give those a little write up in the future, too.

Justin & I are both grateful for these opportunities. Thank you to the juries and curators at OIAF 2019 and The Body Electric!

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