Sketching Indoors in the Winter

It is amazing what places are hidden in Montreal. This is the first time I’ve visited the greenhouse at the Westmount Library, which is free and open to that public, alongside the USK: MTL group. We were figuring out where to go, and this turned out to be the perfect place because it was sunny and warm and full of cheerful greenery that is a rare sight in the winter.

Steadily, I drew and painted with my pencil and watercolours for 3.5 hours. It is a daunting task painting a curved architectural interior with a multitude of plants and with a liquid medium.

Westmount Library Greenhouse in Montreal watercolor painting
Watercolor & pencil on watercolor paper. 9″x12″. Watercolor sketch created at the Westmount Library Greenhouse in Montreal during USK: MTL. ~2015 | PRINTS | GREETING CARDS | ORIGINAL IS SOLD.

I am both happy and unsatisfied with this image as I don’t like how, in places, it is over detailed and melted in others and because it became more distorted as I painted more complexity. The last time I attempted this, I struggled to keep the image together, so this is still a dramatic improvement. I somewhat regret not being able to spend more time drawing other parts of the greenhouse after I discovered them on my short break. I guess I will have to come back!

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