Pop-up Art Exhibition: Dreams to Remember + A new painting

This is a little late announcement: if you’re looking for something to do art-wise this weekend and are in Montreal, I’m going to be part of a pop-up art exhibition in the Mile End/Plateau area! What is a pop-up exhibition? It’s an exhibition that only lasts 1 night then disappears, so you really have only one chance to check it out! Here is a link to the Facebook event page, and the details are copied below.

dreams to remember exhibition
Invitation card for a pop-up exhibition in Montreal.

“Dreams to Remember”
Sunday, April 3, 2016 5445 Avenue De Gaspé, Studio 325 Mile End, Montreal
17h-23h (5pm-11pm)
Free Admission
Artists: Alex Chalk, Arif R., David Junkin, Émilie Langlais, James Brown, Janina V. Anderson, Jodie Couture, Justin Tomchuk, Karolina Szablewska, Lucie Swan, Mary Mulderry MacIsaac, Mel-E Juana, Mellics, Minh Truong, Niks Vignal, Sebastien Garneau, Shayna Carolyn, Simon Lariviere, Sophie Mckenzie

Also, here is a new painting I finished. Like I said in the last update, I haven’t painted in acrylic in over a year because of my hip issues. I originally had a very different idea for what I was going to do with this painting, but it was working so well as it was that I decided to leave the looseness and bright, impressionistic colours. Sometimes the painting is what leads you, not the other way around. Making the decision when to change your idea or when to stop is a difficult decision, certainly when you get attached to your original thoughts.

Is it maybe possible that my health problems were also affecting my artistic decisions? I mean, the last painting I did before I had to give up was my ballerina painting. After looking at it for a year and hearing everyone’s feedback, it seems stiff with a lot of over-thinking, doing what I thought I should do (pushing realism), and a huge hesitation to experiment or just let things be. There’s nothing wrong with that – it is what it is and it works that way – but is it where I want to head with my art? We’ll see with the next several paintings I do.

I really love the texture in the clouds, which I mostly achieved with a palette knife. I’m not a big user of palette knives, so it’s a new experience for me. Likewise, I also painted this “quickly”. My artgasm was over too fast on this one. It’s very tempting to just keep going, keep adding stuff, keep tweaking details… The mood of this painting is what I feel like the first days of spring as well. I’m thinking of continuing this into a small series. I will have to try my idea that didn’t work out on another set of paintings.

Prints are available direct from me of this one. The original artwork is varnished and ready to hang. You can see the Work-in-Progress pics on my Facebook and Instagram. Thank you to Bebe Hall for the great title suggestion.

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