One Week 100 People 2019

one week 100 people day 2 sketching people outdoors

One Week 100 People is an art challenge where, over the span of a 5 day work week (or 7 as a normal week), sketchers draw 100 people – roughly 20 per day. I first learned about this challenge from a local sketcher friend, please have a look at his work and blog! 🙂 I … Read more

10 Benefits to Painting Outside & Urban Sketching

guess downtown montreal watercolor drawing

As the weather is finally warming up after a 6 month-long winter, I wanted to write a short guide on how to get started doing urban sketching / en plein air painting. They are essentially the same thing, however urban sketching usually happens in…you guessed it: urban areas. Below, I talk about the benefits of … Read more

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