Watercolors from Nova Scotia – Trip #1

rock at prospect nova scotia watercolor painting

One of the funny tricks my mind plays is confusing thinking through doing something versus actually doing it. Well, I swore I posted all my urban sketches and en plein air paintings, but I guess I didn’t! 

Lets start with a few from October, 2017. Around that time of year, I went to visit some family and Nova Scotia and took my painting supplies with me. I’ll likely do this from now on, since visiting Nova Scotia and not painting might as well be a crime…what a beautiful piece of Canada.

peggy's cove nova scotia watercolor painting by karolina szablewska en plein air painting
9″x12″. Watercolour on 140lbs watercolour rag paper. The ragged coastlines of Nova Scotia, featuring a prominent rock painted entirely on-location. The painting aims to be accurate while being loose and gestural. ~2017 | PRINTS | BUY THE ORIGINAL

This is one of my favourite spots to revisit every year, and so I will leave it vague as to where it is. Only locals really know how to get there, and I think it should stay that way instead of being trampled by selfie-taking tourists. Not that there isn’t an abundance of landscape at any stop in the road, should you choose to paint yourself. Just this place in particular…is special. This painting was completed entirely on location in about 2-3 hours.

peggy's cove nova scotia watercolor painting by karolina szablewska en plein air painting

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10 Benefits to Painting Outside & Urban Sketching

guess downtown montreal watercolor drawing

As the weather is finally warming up after a 6 month-long winter, I wanted to write a short guide on how to get started doing urban sketching / en plein air painting. They are essentially the same thing, however urban sketching usually happens in…you guessed it: urban areas. Below, I talk about the benefits of … Read more

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